George Trent Grogan was born and raised in Dallas, TX, where he attended St. Mark’s School of Texas before attending Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania. There he flourished as a photo editor on both the newspaper and yearbook staff, developing a strong passion for editorial and music photography. This lead to the opportunity to shoot such greats as Itzhak Pearlman and B.B. King early on, thus igniting a fire that would forever lead to the search of bringing an unparalleled visual experience to adulate such musical mastery.

A musician, song-writer, and nature enthusiast in his off time, music and the wonders of mother earth have long been an inspiration and driving passion behind his visual art. He attented the University of Alabama after high school before transferring to the University of Colorado where he fell in love with fishing for “mountain trout”, a long-time passion of his late mother. In continuing that passion and honoring her legacy, he decided to pursue professional and artistic endeavors under the name of Mountain Trout.